Celebrate your child’s success with The Swi, England Award Scheme.

The Swim England Learn To Swim Framework, is the national syllabus produced by Swim England (the governing body for swimming) to take children from their first splash to full competence in the water using fun and games. 

The Learn To Swim Stage awards are the backbone of the ASA Award scheme and the Complete Swimmer Award (Silver Medal) has been designed to reward success throughout Stages 1-7.  The Passport Card for Learn to Swim Stages 1-7 incorporates 25 badges and certificates from across the Learn to Swim Framework including:

7 x Stage Awards e.g. Stage 1, Stage 2
6 x Rainbow Distance e.g. 5m or 100m Award
1 x Personal Survival Level 1
10 x Rainbow Stroke Distance e.g. 5m Butterfly Award
1 x Preliminary Safety Skills

By motivating learners with 25 small steps rather than just 7 giant leaps (i.e. the 7  Stage Awards) children are more likely to remain interested and excited about completing their Swimming Journey, thus allowing a child to take part in a wider variety of activities and other water based sports later in life.

As your child successfully achieves their Awards stick the stickers to their Award Passport Card to enable you both to keep a record of progress.  Once all 25 Awards have been completed, you will be eligible to purchase the exclusive Complete Swimmer Silver Medal.

Completing your Award Passports

Passport cards can be supplied free of charge and if requested, can be pre-filled with stickers for any awards commonly achieved during Stages 1-3 years.



Swimming hats are required for all children over the age of 4 years. Good quality hats are available from the teachers in (Blue or Pink) at a cost of £4.

Speedo goggles are also available on request.

​SWIM ENGLAND LEARN TO swim framework

Swim England certificates are awarded to the children at the end of every term to recognise their achievements in the pool.

Children work through the Swim England Discovery Duckling awards for babies and toddlers and progress towards the Duckling scheme when they reach the Pre-School classes at the age of 3 years. 

Children then progress onto the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, Rainbow distance awards and Water Skills awards. They can also work on Personal Survival awards once they are swimming to a good standard.